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Ned Brooks Got It Right; On To Mars

March 31, 2013

Things are looking up and changing rapidly as far as nongovernmental sponsored trips to and settlements on Mars are concerned. My Ned Brooks in Blue Sunset looks more and more plausible. At this point in time, governments just won’t come up with the money or the optimistic courage to promote human settlements on Mars, so it will be up to alternatives sources.

Bas Lansdorp is promoting a one-way trip for four people to Mars and hopes to pay for the trip by making it a reality show and selling broadcasting and advertising rights. Mars One is a non-profit organization that wants to establish a human settlement on Mars. You can find information about Mars One at this URL:
I suspect that four people aren’t enough for a settlement with any future, but it’s better than not going at all.

Dennis Tito wants to send couple, probably a man and a woman, on a round-trip Mars Flyby in 2018. You can find more information about this project, Inspiration Mars, at this URL:
I understand the advantage of using the favorable planetary alignment of 2018. This trip wouldn’t be any kind of settlement, but could truly inspire future settlers. My limited number of Facebook friends indicate that it will be no problem to find volunteers.

Elon Musk still wants to send 80,000 people to Mars and at the cost of $500,000 each. That would be a good size for a settlement. I wonder if there are 80,000 people who would pay $500,000 and suspect that not all of them would be the best possible settlers. Maybe some of them could be persuaded to subsidize the trip for more qualified candidates.

In his next book Buzz Aldrin explains his rationale for supporting a settlement on Mars.
Buzz Aldrin: Mission To Mars

So, things are looking up, and Blue Sunset isn’t that far ahead of its time.


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