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Paying for the Mars Settlement

December 23, 2012

In Blue Sunset I have the mysterious yet benevolent businessman and billionaire Ned Brooks provide seed money for the Mars settlement. He also solicits money from all possible sources, resulting in some bureaucratic interference when it comes to choosing the first settlers. However, basically the settlement ends up with a somewhat representative sample of what Earth has to offer. According to Blue Sunset (and my theories) it doesn’t take that long for the settlement to become self-supporting. We human beings aren’t good at a lot of important things (like treating a number of physical and mental illnesses or even living with each other in peace), but what we are good at is flexible innovation, coming up with the inventions when we really need them. So, yet another reason for a settlement on Mars is the likelihood of inventions made on Mars that benefit those choosing to stay on Earth.

I was pleased to read that Elon Musk wants to establish a settlement on Mars starting with 10 people and aiming for 80,000. His thoughts sound feasible except that I would provide for subsidies for the travel costs. You want to get the most capable people for your settlement, not just the wealthiest

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